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We got back from our long trip last week and visit Disney World and I am confident in saying that I will never ever take a road trip that long without Brandon again.  Driving 14 hours in one day with a dog and a toddler is not my idea of fun. Our trip went well […]

It’s only been 3 short months since we made the trek south to spend a wonderful week at Disney World and now I’m planning a return trip for the end of April.  We purchased 4-day Parkhopper passes through the military which are only good for one year so our admission to the parks will be […]

This past year has been a whirlwind as Brandon and I navigated the new adventures of being parents.  It’s been a lot of fun and while I unfortunately lost my job early in 2013 we were still able to save up for a trip to Walt Disney World and we had a blast. For now […]

skylon tower restaurant

Brandon and I went to Niagara Falls over Labor Day weekend 2012.  It wasn’t a long trip, we only stayed a few nights, but it was enough time to see everything that we wanted to see at Niagara Falls, mainly the falls itself.  One evening we decided at the last minute to have a nice […]

Thornbury Castle

As we’re nearing the 6-month countdown of our trip to England my mom and I are starting to finally book things for our trip.  First were a couple of B&B’s that offered free cancellation and no deposit.  Then it came time to book our stay in a castle. You heard that right. We’re spending the […]