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KidCity Middletown

**This post is regularly updated to include the latest pricing and information about KidCity** Brandon and I first discovered KidCity Children’s Museum through the recommendation of a friend of ours who also has small children.  Stink had just learned how to walk and we needed to find indoor places she would enjoy because winters in […]

Mystic Aquarium Review

One of my favorite activities around our home is Mystic Aquarium.  I first visited this aquarium in 2006 when Brandon and I began dating.  It’s pretty expensive compared to other aquariums, the 2014 admission prices are $29.95 for an adult and $21.95 for children ages 3-12.  A family of four would spend over $100 on […]

When someone has the travel bug as bad as I do it can be hard to stick to a budget.  My desire for travel exceeds my funds and I’m left with making tough decisions: quantity or quality? Right now our travel account has about $6,200 in it.  With that money I would like to take […]

The past few weeks have been spent half-heartedly planning various globe-trotting adventures over the next year.  I say half-heartedly because I don’t truly know whether we will be able to take them.  Brandon gets out of the military in mid-December and while I would like to take a vacation somewhere tropical, nothing is set in […]

We got back from our long trip last week and visit Disney World and I am confident in saying that I will never ever take a road trip that long without Brandon again.  Driving 14 hours in one day with a dog and a toddler is not my idea of fun. Our trip went well […]

It’s only been 3 short months since we made the trek south to spend a wonderful week at Disney World and now I’m planning a return trip for the end of April.  We purchased 4-day Parkhopper passes through the military which are only good for one year so our admission to the parks will be […]