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Every curvy girl has their favorite places to shop for everyday clothes. But where do you look when you need something functional, not fashionable? This ultimate plus size packing guide provides you with resources for finding everything you need for your next adventure.

This post contains affiliate and/or referral links. I may receive compensation for purchases made using these links to help support the running of Travel Fearlessly. These affiliate programs do not affect the price you pay for these products.

Winter Vacations

Chasing northern lights in Iceland, skiing in Canada, snowboarding in Colorado. All these activities are possible when you find the perfect pair of snow pants and a warm down jacket!

  • Snow pants or bibs– Columbia carries excellent snow pants in sizes up to 3X. I have their OmniHeat Bugaboo pants and love them, though they need to be hemmed (short girl problems). If you need something larger than a 3X then check out the Arctix brand on Amazon. They carry bib overalls and pants in sizes up to 4X (28W/30W) at very reasonable prices. DSG Outerwear also has snow bibs in sizes up to 5X but double check the measurements, it looks like they run a little small.
  • Down jacket– Land’s End offers a variety of down jackets in sizes that go up to 26W and if you catch them on sale you can get them for under $70. Columbia offers a plus size hybrid down jacket with stretchy elastic bands on the side which made it appealing for me because most of my weight is in my tummy. However I’ve found that it’s not as warm as my full down jacket so if you’re going somewhere really cold or staying outdoors for an extended period of time then the hybrid jacket isn’t for you.
  • Snow boots– Wide width snow boots aren’t easy to find but Vasque carries some wide widths in their Coldspark model. If you need something besides waterproof hiking boots (see below) then unfortunately you may have to check in the men’s department. If you’re not sure which boots to buy, check out a website like outdoorempire to find the best outdoor boots.
  • Mid layers- My mid layers (when I need them) are loose fitting warm clothing, usually fleece material. My favorite brands are Under Armour ColdPruf and Cuddl Duds.
  • Base layers– Honestly my base layers mostly consist of polyester leggings and capris (the same ones I wear to the gym) and tight, polyester shirts. Nothing fancy or expensive, just whatever I find at Kohl’s. Though I do LOVE these long underwear from Land’s End and I got some of the shirts on clearance for about $13.
plus size packing list
Snow pants for short chicks would be EXTREMELY helpful
plus size packing list
I kinda wish I had bought this Land’s End jacket instead of my Columbia one

Beach Vacations

Who doesn’t love sunny vacations next to the water? This section covers everything from relaxing days on the beach to water sports such as scuba diving.

  • Swimsuits– The only place I shop for plus size swimsuits anymore is on Swimsuitsforall. Their selection is AMAZING and their swimsuits go all the way up to size 34. Swimsuit shopping is stressful for me so I like the ease of just picking something online instead of trying on a dozen styles in store.
  • Coverups and Sarongs– You can get plenty of dresses at Swimsuitsforall as well. I purchased their Cassandra dress for our recent trip to Costa Rica and it was opaque enough to wear as a traditional dress around town. If you’re seeking something a little more dressy then take a look at Rainbow. They have an excellent selection at a much cheaper price than Torrid or Lane Bryant.
  • Wetsuits– You can find shorties and full wetsuits in sizes up to 24 at Wetsuit Wearhouse. But if you plan to scuba dive as a regular hobby then investing in a custom suit is probably your best bet.
  • Reef Safe Sunscreen– This product isn’t just for plus size people but I have to mention it. PLEASE consider using reef safe sunscreen such as Raw Elements when snorkeling or scuba diving. Oxybenzone, found in almost all sunscreens, is linked to coral bleaching and products such as Raw Elements contain zinc oxide instead. It’s such a small gesture but it really does make a huge impact and helps to ensure that future generations can enjoy our coral reefs.
plus size packing list
The Cassandra dress from Swimsuits for All. I LOVE mine

Good to Know: If you’re interested in scuba diving then check out Weightless, a short documentary film about plus size scuba diving. You can view the trailer here or watch the full film on Indieflix.

Outdoor Vacations

Well I wouldn’t call hiking and camping a vacation, it’s more like an adventure. But whether you’re climbing a mountain or trekking through the jungle you’re going to need suitable gear.

  • Hiking Boots– I have wide feet and it was difficult to find a boot that fit me well. After trying on a dozen different brands I fell in love with my Lowa Renegade GTX boots. My fellow plus size Kilimanjaro hikers aren’t as in love with them as I am and have found different brands they like such as Merrell, Keen, Asolo, and Oboz. Keen’s are the best option if you’re just doing day hiking instead of long distance backpacking.
  • Hiking Socks– Curvy girls with wider calves can also struggle with finding comfortable hiking socks. Darn Tough is my go-to brand because their socks are just high enough to cover my boots but not so high that they start cutting into my calves. Plus they’re incredibly soft! As a rule of thumb you should get light or medium cushioning socks if you have wide, high volume feet. Buy medium or heavy cushioning socks if you have regular or narrow feet. But if you’re just starting out with hiking then buy a pair of each and see how your feet do on a long hike. My pinky toe will sometimes blister when I only use light cushioning socks.
  • Hiking Pants– I just love love LOVE my hiking pants and capris from Columbia. They’re light and stretchy and good for practically any type of travel. These pants were especially useful on my African safari where there was no air conditioning in the Jeep. The only downside? I can’t wear them at home because they act like a magnet for the pet hair!
  • Sleeping Bags– REI carries a few styles of sleeping bags that come in wide widths. I have a Lyra 24 and am taking it with me to Everest Base Camp. Big Agnes generally has the widest sleeping bags but they’re also pretty expensive, some costing over $300. Also be sure to check the weight on any sleeping bag you purchase. Some are over 8 pounds which is fine for car camping but not practical for backpacking. My Lyra 24 is less than 3 pounds which was a big factor in my purchase. If you’re not a fan of mummy sleeping bags then you may want to consider a camping quilt. They’re still made of down, much lighter than a sleeping bag, and feel more like a blanket. Hammock Gear has a great selection of quilts and they can even make custom quilts to fit your specific size.
  • Backpacks– My daypack is the one thing I’m able to purchase in a size small! Backpacks are sized according to torso length so short girls will likely need a small or extra small. I climbed Kilimanjaro with an REI brand backpack but have recently switched to Gregory Jade 28. If you find your hip belt to be too short then fear not, some manufacturers will send you an extension if you request it.
  • Camp shoesCrocs, man. What can I say, they’re light as a feather and are practically indestructible. And being stylish is not on my priority list when I’m camping.
curvy girls packing guide
I love my Lowa’s but boots are a significant investment so make sure you love yours too!
plus size packing list
Testing out my Lyra 24. I won’t be this happy when it’s below freezing out!

Vacations in Conservative Countries

Sometimes our travels take us to countries and historic sites where conservative clothing is encouraged or even required. Here are a few things you can include in your suitcase when vacationing in these destinations.

  • Skorts– Because tight leggings and pants are generally discouraged it’s a good idea to bring along a solid colored skort to wear over your leggings. Skirted leggings are another option but a skort allows you to mix and match.
  • Maxi skirts– Many conservative countries are located in warm climates so a thin maxi skirt will keep you cool as well as properly covered. I usually find mine at traditional department stores such as Kohl’s or online at Zulily.
  • Cardigans– Cardigans are wonderful because they can be draped over dresses or shirts when entering temples and religious sites that require you to cover your shoulders.

Items for Every Vacation

As a plus size woman there are just some things I can’t live without when I go on vacation. Here is a list of miscellaneous items and toiletries that I always bring with me.

  • Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder– Traditional baby powder made with talcum increases the risk of ovarian cancer but Lady Anti Monkey Butt doesn’t contain talc. I use it everywhere I go, even on airplanes when I have to stay seated for long periods of time. The only downside is that this product doesn’t come in travel sizes.
  • Folding fan– I may look like an extra in Gone With the Wind but I don’t care. A folding fan is always in my purse to keep me cooled off. I brought 3 with me to Costa Rica!
  • Tweezers and a hand mirror– Anyone else with PCOS knows EXACTLY why I can’t go more than a few days without tweezing.
  • Swim towel– Whether I’m dabbing sweat off my forehead or cleaning up a spill that my 5 year old made, I always find a use for my super absorbent swim towel
  • Rain jacket– My Columbia rain jacket is what I bring on almost every vacation because it’s light, compact and I rarely need anything warmer.
  • Compression Socks– These babies are a must have for long haul flights as they reduce the risk of blood clots.
  • Bandelettes– If you haven’t heard of Bandelettes you’re really missing out! They are anti-chafing thigh bands used under dresses and skirts. Bike shorts work too but these are so much sexier.
  • Packing Cubes– My packing cubes help me squish more clothes into my suitcase. They’re extra helpful when I’m visiting different cities because I’ll pack my clothes according to each destination. That way I only have to pull one cube out of my suitcase at a time!
plus size packing list
My rain jacket is a few years old but I’m pretty sure it’s the Columbia Arcadia line


plus size packing list
I just pour this in an empty travel size baby powder bottle. It’s my favorite way to keep sweat-free!

I hope this packing guide has given you some good ideas for packing for your next adventure! Please feel free to share your own packing tips in the comments below.


The Curvy Girl's Packing Guide for Every Adventure. An ultimate packing list for plus size women


  1. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing all the useful tips!

  2. This is fantastic. Thank you! I travel a lot and struggle to find activity appropriate clothing. I got my first light weight rain jacket a couple of years ago at the age of 43 and I haven’t seen another one since.

    My tip for wearing dresses and skirts is use roll on anti perspirant on your inner thighs, both at home and on holidays. I really works all day in a humid Queensland summer and is much cooler than little bike shorts or similar.

  3. Having curves and shopping for plus-size clothing can be a little bit difficult at times, but when I found your article it’s so very interesting and useful. You gave us good information and a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

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